Thank you very much Kitosdad, I took my exam buddies

Hello everyone,

Thank you very much Kitosdad.

Today, I took my exam. The best section for me was writing. At least, I am content with it. I really prayed for Kitosdad when I was writing my essay. I could review my essay twice. Furthermore, the format of the integrated writing section was exactly like what Joseph says in his videos. I should thank Altun for providing me exercises which were in accordance with the TOEFL format.

I should say that I was awful in the reading section. The reading section was very hard. I had practiced with Barrons, Longman, Delta, Cambridge and Kaplan, and I knew a lot of words. However, the reading section was far harder than all of them. I had to answer some questions based on luck. The topics were very hard to understand. The questions were very hard to answer. It did not have a lot of new words. The vocabulary questions were very silly and easy. When you start the reading section, you are stressed. In addition, at the beginning of the exam, the software wants examinees to test the microphone and describe their cities. They talk loudly while you are reading, and microphones do not suppress the noises so it is very very hard to concentrate on the reading at the beginning of the test.

Listening section was also hard. However, it was acceptable. I can say it was like Cambridge, but a little harder.

Speaking section was easy. However, I was a little stressed, so I was not as good as I was at home. Speaking section is exactly like what Joseph says in You can find related videos on the You Tube.

My topic: Do you agree that in the future people spend less time providing food?

Totally, I am a little depressed. I had practiced a lot. I can say I sacrificed myself for the TOEFL. I need to receive a score higher than 90. I hope I will receive such a score.

TOEFL listening lectures: A lecture from an american literature class

Hello Mohammad. I hope you will get more than 100+, you deserve it. Reading in my exam was also hard :frowning:

I ever thought that you would have exam on 7st of December (not November)
Oh, I am sorry to mistake like that. Anyway, you know, and everybody here knows that you deserve more than that. Good luck to you my friend !!!
P.S: I believe that the result are going to be better than you expect ^^

I hope you will get your score Mohammad. I want to ask you about Joseph’s videos on youtube. Can you rely on strategies there ?

Thank you my friend.

Thank you my friend.

Hey, you’ll get a great score, you’ll see. :wink:

I think you can rely on them. The speaking section and integrated writing were exactly like what he says in his videos. However, I was also ready for something which was different from what Joseph says.

I’m sure that you have encountered with long reading format because an experiment section is really hard. Is it right?

Hello Kaka,

No, I am glad I had long listening format. Long listening is better because you do your listening section while there is no noise in the room. If you have long reading format you should listen while others are speaking. I do not know what happens in other test centers, but my test center was very noisy. Some people were shouting while they were speaking, and I think it is just a lie that headphones suppress the noise. My microphone at home surpass their microphones as to suppressing the noise. So, be ready for not letting the noise distract you. You should not pay attention to the noise.

When I came out of the test center all the examinees were unanimous on the opinion that reading section was very hard. The questions were hard. You would become doubtful which the correct answer is.

the degree of difficulty of reading you told me shocked me a lot. What about writing question1 ? Is it hard to distinguish reading and listening’s main idea and supporting ideas

It is easy if you practice with the format. Integrated writing is in accordance with the format on and Josephs’s videos.

You mean that passage is separated into 3 paragraph

Yeah, exactly the same as Joseph says. I am so glad I had practiced with the format. Altun sent me some exercises which were in accordance with the TOEFL and Joseph format. If you want, I can mail them for you, buddy.

thank you my best friend. I’m really glad to receive your help.


I hope to get high scores in your exam.

Also, I hope to write for us about your writing question:-

Do you agree that in the future people spend less time providing food?

With my best regards

Hello Zuheir,

Sorry, I made a mistake. The question is :Do you agree that in the future people spend less time “preparing” food?
I said that I agreed with the statement, and I gave three reasons.

1- People have to work hard these days, so they do not have time
2- New cookwares which cook food faster
3- Decent restaurants which provide healthy food

Speaking question 1- Characteristics of a good neighbor.

Hello mohammad,
congrats for your taking test.
Don’t forget to tell us your score because I’m sure that you’ll get a high score. :slight_smile:

Hard working defeats talent.

Hey guys can you tell me where I can find the most difficult reading exercises? Cambridge?

Cambridge seems to have the most difficult reading section among materials that almost resembles the reading real test but the length of cambrige is shorter. Or you can read magazine in nytime, it’s really helpful