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A or d:People today do not respect teachers as much as they did in the past.
In recent history, one of the greatest advances of society has been the development of universal education. While education has become more important to society, I do not believe the social status of a teacher has advanced as much. I do not believe that people today respect teachers as much as they did in the past.
First, the teacher has not been the only authority because of the development of technology. In the past, except for asking teacher for help, we rarely had other methods to learn about the latest scientific discoveries, verify the correctness of a principle or know the author of one beautiful painting. It seemed that the answers of teachers were always true, since actually we hardly had any chances to get close to those more experienced experts, which made it hard for us to challenge the authority of our teachers. However, now things are different. The advent of the Internet enables us to send an e-mail to the wiser and more knowledgeable scholars and have a direct communication with them. They may have worked on the area for longer time and have made more achievements than our teachers, so that their answers are more convincing and thus we tend to respect them more rather than our teachers.
Second, nowadays more people regard education as a commercial service, which makes teachers not as glory and respectable as they were in the past. I remember when I attended my first TOEFL class, my listening teacher told us that he was here to earn money and provide knowledge and we were there to spend money and buy knowledge. Even though his words may be partial, his point of view indeed reflects that many people today concentrate more on material life filled with money and consumption rather than a spiritual life. They regard education as consumption and they pay their teachers for knowledge just like they purchase commodities. Teachers have become ordinary and have not been a glory career that used to symbolize wisdom and social status and deserve much respect in the old days. Thus, less people now respect teachers as they did in the past.
I remember an old saying in China that goes like this: the person who teaches me for one day is my father for life. But now who will treat and respect the teachers so much as we do to our parents? The development of science and the more emphasis on money and material have led to less respect to teachers. All in all, I definitely agree with the statement that people today do not respect teachers that much compared with what they did in the past.

TOEFL listening discussions: A conversation between a university student and a professor in the professor’s office