Thank you -- please?

Hi, is ‘please’ an appropriate response to ‘thank you’? I’ve just come across this exchange:

Darryl: Say stuff like, “Good morning, Good Afternoon”. People appreciate that.
Dwight: Wait, I see you every day. Can I say “Good month?”
Darryl: I’m telling you how to do this man.
Andy: If someone offers you a cocktail, accept, but keep your wits about you.
Angel: Please and thank you go a long way.
Dwight: Copy. Thank you.
Angela: Thank you.
Dwight: Please.

Is Dwight using ‘please’ instead of “you’re welcome” here?

Many thanks,

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Hi Torsten,

As you know, I’m not at all familiar with this programme but ‘Please’ said in the context you quote, often has the sense of: Say no more/not at all/that’s OK and so on and so on.


I think he is indeed saying it instead of “you’re welcome”. Angela has said to say please and thank you. Dwight already said thank you, so the only thing left to say is please.

Hello Torsten,
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This is a warning please delete my warnings when you delete the SPAM. … ly&t=88718 … tml#430677

Many thanks:

Kati Svaby

Hello Kati,

I didn’t receive anything because I was working, my paid employment has to come first. I can’t be here all the time. I certainly don’t have time to delete your posts as well as the spammer’s posts.

Okay Bez,

I won’t never write warnings . You misunderstood me when you think that I want to hinder you in your paid employment.

If you have time please when you delete the spam delete my today-warnings. Have you seen that there are people who thinks my warnings is the same as the spammer’s adds.

Anyway I receive lately only spam. I didn’t receive a notification of TM letter, whereas he wrote on the thread where I wrote, me also.

Till now I saw that you see if I write a letter to you. As I wrote not one letter to you, and I didn’t receive any answer, I could think that you didn’t receive my warnings. It would be enough to write “okay, we will delete them.”

I believed that it is important for you. I have mistaken.

Now I log out for a while. I don’t care about the SPAM. I hope if I log out you don’t send me any notification.

Take care:

I don’t send any notifications. They are set automatically in your profile.
I’m afraid that I agree with the person who said that your warnings in an inappropriate group which you had been asked not to use were similar to the spammers’ posts.

No Bez, Till torsten has been dealing with Spam he sent me letters like these:

1. Hi Kati, I think there has been a bug in this script right from the beginning. We are going to change and upgrade the entire system sooner or later so please bear with us. I’m sorry for any inconvenience you might be experiencing. Many thanks for pointing this out. Regards, Torsten
2. I’ve deleted the spam. Thanks for pointing this out.

I thought that it is a good service for you. Unfortunately I wrote several times, because I didn’t receive any answer to my warnings so I had thought that you didn’t receive them.

It was a trap and I stepped in. I much prefer to nice letters to spam warnings!!!

First of all, the ‘bug in the script’ message is not about spam, but about the progress report.
Secondly, there was no ‘trap’. You had been asked to stop posting messages in that particular forum, yet you continue to post there. That can be viewed as ‘spamming’ the forum with off topic issues, which is what the first person who likened you to the spammers was doing. I cannot delete anything (including spam) in that particular forum, because I am not a moderator of that forum.
Sending spam warnings where there are only a few posts is a useful service, but when the spammer has sent as many messages as those that arrived yesterday, it is impossible to miss them anyway. Receiving so many warnings across so many forums that those have to be dealt with alongside the spam just slows down the process of dealing with it.

There is a thread especially for the purpose of reporting spam in the ‘Feedback, Comments and Suggestions’ forum.
Here it is:
Spam clean-up list.

Your letter recalls me a song:

“Culture sucks down words
Itemise loathing and feed yourself smiles
Organise your safe tribal war
Hurt maim kill and enslave the ghetto”

“All we want from you are the kicks you’ve given us”