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Food in the past was much healthier than today.

Thinking back to one hundred years, what we think of immediately is less pollution, cleaner water and more fertile soil. Therefore, some people believe that food in the past was much healthier than today. However, I disagree with such an idea, for I believe that the normative government principle and law, the development of education and the convenient traffic transportation have made food nowadays much healthier than in the past.
First, the regularity of laws and principles concerning the production of food has posed great pressure on farmers making them produce much healthier and cleaner food. In the past, even though the world used to be a better place for peasants to grow vegetables or corns and feed stocks, some poisonous pesticides such as DDT were abused in order to kill the worms and excessive amount of hormone were added into the forage in order to accelerate the growing speed of living stocks. However, nowadays, in my hometown, I hardly seen farmers grow vegetables or raise stocks like that. The local laws have already forbidden those improper ways of producing food and the maximum of feeding add in food has been accurately defined. Thus, farmers dare not to lower the quality of food to gain more profits, and thus food nowadays is much healthier.
Second, thanks to the development of education, farmers have become more knowledgeable and thus the quality of the food they grow has been improved. At the present, many ways can be adopted by farmers to learn better planting techniques. Take the Internet for example: the advent of Internet has made it possible for farmers to get long-distance help from experts when they are in desperate need of solutions to the various planting problems they have met. Thus, instant communication with experts or other farmers help farmers cure the disease of animals or plants and make the food become much healthier. Moreover, the communication between farmers and experts also help those scientists accelerate the speed of developing new planting skills, which also secure the food to be more nutritious than in the past.
Third, the fast transportation means have made today’s food of high quality and great taste. There is no doubt that in the past, when people have no refrigeriter to 冷藏 food, many people prefer eating even bad food to throwing them away. They did not know how bad effect of 变质的食物is and they did not want to waste any food. Nevertheless, today tools storing food in low temperate can be bought everywhere and people can store fresh vegetables and fruits in refrigeriters for more than a week. Moreover, the convenient transportation also secure people can get the freshest food from the productive places. For example, it may only take 4 hours to get a banana from the tree it has been picked from in another province to my home.
All in all, based on the three reasons above, considering the regular laws and principles, the advanced education and the fast transportation, I definitely think that food nowadays is much healthier than in the past.

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Hi Vivianmi, another great piece of writing. Your examples are always so detailed and on-topic! You did have a few more confusing words than normal here, though usually I was able to figure out your meaning. Also there were a couple of non-English words in there - remember you can’t bring a translator program to the test! :wink:
This is almost a 4.5, but due to the number of small errors, I have to rate it a 4.

thank u so much for your advice, your picture of the acient England did shock me. I have never ever heard of it before.
As for the spicy food, actually, people in Sichuan eat that horrible spicy food because the climate there is too humid and always cloudy. Spicy food can help them sweat more and thus keep them in health. Actually I dare not eat some extremely spicy food there. I wanna tell you a sidenote here, haha,they eat some incredible food such as 兔头(the head of a lovely rabbit) and 猴脑(the brain of a monkey), they are super crazy I think.