Thank you Kitos! I have just finished the TOEFL test. I could not describe any...

Hello. How are you doing dear friends? I wish you all fine. I have just finished the TOEFL test. I could not describe anything because I am so tired right now. I have not been able to sleep last night.[color=red] Kitos, are you reading this? ok. The reading part was the best part ever because of your help. I planned and wrote and revised in thirty minutes. I have written more than 380 words. The title was quite hard for me. What an achievement!

Hats off to you, [color=red]Kitos.

Giovanini 1010 ( for you[color=red] Kitos).

TOEFL listening lectures: A lecture from a social sciences class

May I ask you something?

I want to know, there are 3 passages in the reading section right?

all the three passgges have one time Imean all of them have to be done in 60 minutes or one of them in 20 minutes and the other two in 40 minutes

Passage 1 20 minutes
passage 2, passage 3 40 minute

please forgive me but belive me I feel nervous and I know that you are tired
but if you can later try to write the prompts of the speaking and writing I 'll be grateful

Hello Giovanini. It heartens me to see that you were able to cover a difficult topic, and to write and review 380 words in thirty minutes. Indeed, quite an achievement. Now comes the waiting to learn your scores.
You have been very consistent with your work routine and I expected you to do well. It all comes down to going into that hall with confidence in your preparation. I wish you well my friend.


The first passage 20 minutes

The second and the third 40 minutes

The speaking section is not very difficult. The writing was quite good.

Good luck. By the way, when is your test?

You are welcome Kitos. You have helped me more than 100000000 times so far. I can’t wait to see the scores. Of course, I will tell you and my friends about it.


Thanks a lot Giovanini

My exam is on 16 May, not too far

I see. I suggest you write two essays each day. It will improve the quality of your writing style.

Good luck!

Hello Giovanini

Will you please tell me how you prepared for Reading Section… each one has its own strategy … What was your strategy will you please share with us… Because passages which appear during TOEFL are not that much interesting , so some of them difficult to understand… Will you please help us. In practice test, I am getting around 80…which not is good I need around 100 …what was your experience regarding preparation… I hope you will help us… And yes… Kitos is there to help us…He is doing wonderful job…
thank you…

Good luck for your score…

Hi there. I need at least 100 :slight_smile: . I read passages and try to answer the difficult questions they contain. To be honest, it is not easy for non native English students to be very good at answering reading question. You need time. Good luck.

I want to say one thing, infact I want to share my own experience, the passages are really boring, BUT, you have to adjust your mind. You need to think that whether it is boring or interesting, you have to go through them, purposely.
Infact, apart from reading passages, Listening become more boring when you do not like the subject. But, don’t waste a second in telling your mind that it is boring. Remain active and tell yourself that at the moment it is a matter of passing, not interesting or boring.

I could not agree more Kulsoom.

OK… thank you very much… for both of you… But I think “practice make man perfect”…

Of course it is. Practice on a regular basis. Your language will improve effectively.

Thanks Giovanini for your suggestion : ) I will try.