THANK YOU A MILLION KITOS >:D<, I took my exam today.

Kitos, I have just been from my exam. I am here to send you my heartfelt thanks after my exam, not after receiving my results, cause no matter how my result is, I am deeply indebted to you

Thank you a million Kitos for your great help with my essays. I owe my progress to you.

Thank you a million Kitos, you are my great motivation. Thanks for the high marks with encouragement which always stimulate me to keep up good work, thanks for the bad and worst marks which always make my try harder and harder. Even more thanks for your rebukes and strictness, just for my/our improvement.

Thank you a million Kitos for your encouraging me to question even though silly questions, and then answer with patience while I end up being ashamed for asking such absurd questions.

Thank you a million Kitos for misjudging my diligence. Frankly, I am not so industrious as you often thought. I just try to live up to your (misunderstanding) expectations. Anyway, anytime when I tend to be slothful, thinking of that misjudge puts me off :slight_smile:

Thank you a million Kitos for the confidence you founded in me. Thanks for believing in me, and thanks for making me regain my confidence to once again believing in myself.

Thank you a million Kitos for make me stronger. For what I saw in you, for what you did, all force me to be brave, just like you. I couldn’t bear up well in such situations, but because of you, I’ll be able to cope with any obstacles come my ways.

[color=red]I learned from you that I do not crumble
I learned that strength is somethin’ you choose
All of the reasons to keep on believin’
There’s no question, that’s a lesson, I learned from you

( Miley Cirus- I learnt from you)

Thank you a million Kitos for inspiring me to learn many things, one of them is learn to do some household repairs ^^. I want to be a versatile man like you, my role model.

Thank you a million Kitos for your wonderful stories, which are intended to help us improve our writing skills. Thank you for “The Captain”, “The Old Dad”, “The strange beauty”, “Gold”, “Nellie” “Love bites deep”, “Words”, and so on and so forth^^. They are awesomeeeeeeee!!! Kitos rocks!!!^^

Thank you a million Kitos for your emotional support. Thanks for getting me through this hard time. However, it was actually no longer difficult when having you beside. I am happy to be here. Thanks for a real Christmas and a happy new year you brought to me. To you it’s just ordinary, but meant a lot to me. And the time I spent here is always my blissful moments.

Kitos, a million thanks is never enough for your help, and never expresses fully my gratitude for you. Thanks for everything. God bless you!!!

PS: Thanks for patiently reading this stuff :slight_smile:

With my love to you,
Your henchman :wink:

TOEFL listening lectures: A university lecture on Animal Behavior by a professor of Biology

And this is for my friend.
Many many thanks to all of you here. I learned a lot from your essays.
I want to give my special thanks to Giang, Mohammad, Daniel, Our Tort System, Goku, Altun, Alina, etc…
Thanks for the materials as well as the experience you shared.
Thanks for being with me through this time, always encouraging and inspiring me. So glad to have such good and lovely friends like you.

I love you all my dear friends ^^

Come on, don’t be a sycophant. He is a person just like you.

RICHARD!!! You are putting damper on everything!!!

PS: Don’t talk about me like that because you don’t know who I am. Kitos knows, Mohammad, Giang, Daniel…know…mind your wordssss!!!

I was trying to protect you–to claim that it’s not good to put someone ahead of you. But if you want-- do it. Bye.

Protect me from Kitos huh? LOL

It’s not funny. I was trying to protect your mentality.

You haven’t been here long enough to understand the affection WE all have for him, not me only.

Great. I am happy. Bye

I am well aware of what I am doing, of who I am. Just don’t misunderstand me. That’s all.

OK, it’s up to you. But I took offence when you said I am a sycophant. Well, I see your goodwill. But that’s the way I do with the people I love. You do not understand. BOYS/ MEN often don’t.

I said “don’t be a sycophant”. How you’d call a man who says “thanks” 10-15 times?

I am a girl. Girls tend to be express their emotions enthusiastically. Boys do the opposite.
I have been here with him for quite a long time. I believe that you never felt grateful for somebody. Otherwise, you’ll understand. Kitos, Giang, Mohammad, Daniel…they meant A LOT to me. Don’t count “thanks”. It didn’t say anything. What’s most important is what your heart says…

If you are really grateful–you may write “thanks”. I would never thank anyone like that.

Our conversation is over.

I am really upset when being call a sycophant. I am sincere in every word I said…

If you take this back

I would take this

OK, sorry friend ^^

Sorry friend.

Haha, what an interesting conversation of you two :slight_smile: I’m glad you guys managed to end it in peace.
Anyway, congrats Nguyen :smiley: I know you can do it!