Test questions with reasons

  1. Which of the following words in red is used incorrectly.
    [color=red]My father does not[color=red] mind me coming[color=red] late.

2.Correct phrase to complete the given sentence also specify the reason.
_______the shop he found the boxes broken.
A) On entering (b) Entering ©While Entering (D)None of thes.

  1. Chose from the word in red which is in error.
    [color=red]Can your child [color=red]recognize English [color=red]alphabets.

  2. Point out grammatical error.
    a) [color=red]The most people agree [color=red]with me [color=orange]on this point.
    The expression ‘Most of the people’ Vs the most people

b) He educated not only his nephew but also set him up in business.

May we know where did you find these questions with REASONS…?

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local English classes.
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‘REASON’ explain the sense of the sentence not make wild guesses.