Test: Many people are waiting for the news bulletin. It will ... soon.

My english teacher gave me a very hard exam which i cant answer

anyone can help me plz send me the answer to my email adress :


The exam

Part 1

  • Choose the right words from a, b, c or d:

1.“john isn’t sure that the meeting will be held tomorrow”. “But I ……”
( )a- certain
( )b- certainly
( )c- am certain
( )d- am certainly

2.Many people are waiting for the news bulletin. It will …… soon.

( )a- broadcast
( )b- broadcasted
( )c- broadcasts
( )d- be broadcasted

3.His family keep asking him …… smoking.
( )a- give up
( )b- giving up
( )c- to give up
( )d- to giving up

4.Guess who I …… yesterday. I met an old friend at the bank.
( )a- into run
( )b- into ran
( )c- ran into
( )d- run into

5.He was …… have a doctor’s appointment today.
( )a- supposed
( )b- supposing
( )c- supposed to
( )d- supposing to

6.The lone woman was …… the cruel thief.
( )a- afraid of
( )b- afraid about
( )c- afraid for
( )d- afraid that

7.The new teacher loves poems and makes us ……
( )a- learning by heart them
( )b- heartily learn them
( )c- learn them by heart
( )d- learn them heartily

8.My assistant michael will be …… in my absence.
( )a- charging
( )b- on charge
( )c- in charge
( )d- for charge

9.We lived there …… ten years
( )a- for
( )b- during
( )c- since
( )d- while

10.She …… the book on her desk.
( )a- lay
( )b- lied
( )c- laid
( )d- lain

11.If one is to learn a language well, ……
( )a- it must be spoken regularly
( )b- one must be spoken regularly
( )c- it must speak regularly
( )d- he must speak it regularly

12.…… to the beach on the weekend.
( )a-Let’s go
( )b- Let’s going
( )c- Let’s went
( )d- Let’s to go

13.“Excuse me. Where is the post office?” “It is …… of this large old hotel over there”.
( )a- in the front
( )b- on the front
( )c- in front
( )d- on front

14.Why don’t you try to come home …… 9 o’clock?
( )a- by
( )b- under
( )c- until
( )d- up to

15.There hasn’t ……
( )a- been a concert like this before
( )b- been a concert like before this
( )c- a concert been like this before
( )d- before a concert been like this

16.“Could you do me a small favour?” “I’m sorry. I ……”
( )a- am hurry
( )b- am in a hurry
( )c- have a hurry
( )d- am hurried

17.…… who look for trouble usually find it.
( )a- Anyone
( )b- These
( )c- Those
( )d- Them

18.I’ve never seen ……
( )a- such a tall man
( )b- so tall man
( )c- such tall man
( )d- as tall man

19.“Which horse came in first?” “That tall black one ……”.
( )a- has
( )b- is
( )c- was
( )d- did

20.The electric light was invented in ……
( )a- the nineteenth century
( )b- nineteen centuries
( )c- century the nineteenth
( )d- nineteen century

21.…… ended after 4 years in 1918.
( )a- World War First
( )b- World War I
( )c- First World War
( )d- World War the First

22.“Have you ever played tennis?” “Yes, I …… played it”.
( )a- have
( )b- have ever
( )c- have been
( )d- had been

23.“Hello! …… John Smith speaking”.
( )a- I’m
( )b- This is
( )c- There is
( )d- Here is

24.The subway station is …… here.
( )a- near
( )b- near to
( )c- near from
( )d- nearing

25.When we woke up, everywhere was …… snow.
( )a- covered
( )b- covered by
( )c- covered with
( )d- covering

Part 2

  • Choose meanings of underlined words:

1.Is there any decent restaurant in the vicinity?
( )a- suburban area
( )b- niehgborhood
( )c- urban district
( )d- city

2.We must learn to take life’s vicissitudes as they come.
( )a- changes of fortune
( )b- immutabilities
( )c- comedies
( )d- views

3.Both teams are vying for the championship.
( )a- dealing
( )b- competing
( )c- trifling
( )d- conceding

4.The guards must be vigilant at all times.
( )a- lax
( )b- oblivious
( )c- remiss
( )d- watchful

5.Hemingway’s writing is known for its vigorous style.
( )a- lethargic
( )b- energetic
( )c- enervated
( )d- indolent

6.Kidnapping is a vile crime.
( )a- disgusting
( )b- appealing
( )c- sublime
( )d- exalted

7.Why is Adel always trying to vilify others’ reputation?
( )a- elevate
( )b- slander
( )c- eulogize
( )d- acclaim

8.After a week’s growth of whiskers, he looked like a shabby vagabond.
( )a- veterans
( )b- viands
( )c- hair growing on man’s cheeks
( )d- victuals

9.A capable leader knows how to wield his power properly.
( )a- relinquish
( )b- renounce
( )c- remiss
( )d- manipulate

10.He is as wily as a fox in avoiding trouble.
( )a- artistic
( )b- cunning
( )c- guileless
( )d- forthright

11.The government will not wink at corruption.
( )a- connive
( )b- punish
( )c- investigate
( )d- pry into

12.The farmer still used the old way to winnow wheat.
( )a- blow off the chaff from
( )b- sow
( )c- scatter
( )d- disperse

13.This girl has won many friends by her winsome manner.
( )a- crafty
( )b- sweet
( )c- shrewd
( )d- wily

14.The comedian’s wisecracks were irresistible.
( )a- smart talks
( )b- antics
( )c- vexations
( )d- hassles

15.Nothing could withhold him once he made up his mind.
( )a- award
( )b- reward
( )c- restrain
( )d- push

16.The mountaineers went up a long zigzag path before they reached the top of the hill.
( )a- straight
( )b- direct
( )c- winding
( )d- undeviating

17.Do not honk in this residential zone.
( )a- area
( )b- capital city
( )c- club
( )d- place

18.No animosity exists between classes in our society.
( )a- friendship
( )b- amity
( )c- goodwill
( )d- enmity

19.Matter cannot be annihilated.
( )a- renewed
( )b- invigorated
( )c- destroyed
( )d- fortified

20.Time is an anodyne of grief.
( )a- soothing agent
( )b- irritant
( )c- stimulant
( )d- energizer

21.Lobna was devoid of any personal desire for gain.
( )a- full
( )b- replete
( )c- furnished
( )d-empty

22.He dictated the epitaph to be engraved on his tombstone a week before his death.
( )a- jargon
( )b- aphorism
( )c- maxim
( )d-inscription

23.Personal computers marked a new epoch in history.
( )a- chapter
( )b- significance
( )c- title
( )d- era

24.Gluttony was regarded as one of the seven deadly sins.
( )a- avarice
( )b- pride
( )c- jealousy
( )d-excess in eating

25.Keep the city clean; don’t litter.
( )a- splash water
( )b- spray
( )c- make noise
( )d-scatter things about

plz right the answer like that

1 - a
2 - b
3- c

thanx i am waiting

plz hurry


Hi Toxeedo

First you need to tell us what you think the answers might be.

i cant answer these questions really iam in a tight spot

can u answer them

please please help me

english teachers iam calling for u all i wanna to pass this exam in order not to be kicked off my school

Hi Toxeedo,

Welcome to english-test.net and many thanks for posting all those questions. Since your English seems to be pretty good I’m sure you can answer most of the questions you posted correctly. Also, you need to accept the fact that learning English is a process. It’s like a sport. If you want to become a good runner, you need practice running. You cannot ask other people to run for you. The questions you’ve posted are multiple choice. This means, if even you don’t have any idea as to what the correct answers might be (which I doubt), you still have a 25% chance to hit the correct answer if you just select an answer at random. However, you don’t even make that effort. You think that other people will work for you. This kind of attitude won’t get you anywhere.

If we do all the work for you, your teacher can see this and he/she will know that you did not want to work for yourself.

We are here to help you provided you show us that you are willing to make an effort to improve your English skills.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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thanx very much but i cant answer any question of the second part

anyone can help me on them ?

Hi Toxeedo

The instructions for the second part say that you should choose the meanings of the underlined words. Since none of the words were underlined in your post, I have underlined the words that apparently should have been underlined:

Some of the sentences are not very good. However now that I’ve underlined the target words, I think that you should be able to figure out most of the answers.
You can find a lot of dictionary help here.

can i send u my answers and u mark them ?


You can post your answers right here in the thread, Toxeedo. Then we’ll be able to give you feedback about them.

my part 1 answers :


i will send part 2 answers today

i am waiting for ur feedback


Hi Toxeedo

I’d say most of the answers you chose are the ones your teacher wants. There are three I would change:

11-d ==> Option d is possible, but option a sounds more natural to me

21-a ==> No, the correct answer is b (World War I)

24-c ==> No, the correct answer is a (near)

hi Amy :

thanx for ur feedback . i’m answering part 2 right now and i’ll post it right here and i will wait for ur feedback .

hi :

i’ve already answered part 2 .

there are the answers for part 2 :

The answers for the part 2:

i’m waiting for ur feedback


Hi Toxeedo

My compliments to Amy Luo. I agree with her that those are the answers your teacher is looking for.

thanx very much .

now can i have the 50 marks ?