Terrorism & Resistance

Hi everybody,

What do you call what happens in Iraq nowadays after the Iraqi people obtain their sovereignty, is it resistance or terrorism? If it’s resistance, do they achieve their liberation by killing everyday tens of innocent people and children when they use bombing cars and different kind of heavy explosions? If it is terrorism, don’t Iraqi people have the complete right to live peacefully in theitr own country without occupation?
Or do you think that all these unhumanitarian works executed by foreigners not Iraqis?

Thank you…

Dear Hadeel,

You have raised a number of interesting questions. Before we dicuss the current situation in Iraq I suggest we try and take a look at the nature of a conflict. Only if we are aware of the fact, that any form of violence has the same roots, we can find a solution. I understand you want to talk about what is going on in Iraq because it relates to you direct. But if you examined any other violent conflict - be it in Nothern Ireland, in Chechnya, in Ruanda or in Palestine - you would see that the patterns are the same. It always comes down to people lacking self-discipline and not being able to use their intellectual resources to achieve their goals.[YSaerTTEW443543]

TOEIC listening, question-response: They haven’t lowered the temperature, have they?[YSaerTTEW443543]

I don’t think that by killing children and innocent people, someone can free " their country" and their people…and i don’t think that there is any justification for those terrible things they do in Iraq…but i think that many of those terrorist actions are done by none Iraqis or at least encourged by foriegn countries…or by groups that has conflecting interests…they want eveything but the freedom of Iraqi people…