Are you a territorial person? I mean, do you mark and defend your stamping ground?

There are quite a number of territories - your job, family, certain topics or even this forum.

When and how do you stand your ground, assert your authority and demonstrate persistence by arguing the converse?

Hi Ralf

Authors often seem to be very “territorial” with regard to what they’ve written.

Heck yeah(!) I defend the area in which I apply stamps!

(get it? “stamping ground”)

hehe j/k


I think I am territorial when it comes to anything I have created. This could be business wise or in connection with my art and creative writing.

The other things not to the same degree.

I also believe this is true of most, as seeing the destruction of anything you have created is hard.
Maybe this extends to children, but as I am childless can not really pass an educated comment.

Most of the time I don’t mind sharing things with my friends, in that context I am not territorial. My parents have always been territorial of whom I can befriend, but I am not sure about myself. I never told my other sisters whom to be friends with but with my baby sister, it’s another story. With all the bad influence kids are exposed to nowadays, I am very firm to whom she can be friends with. I have to be, for some reason as our parents get older they become less strict to the younger ones. I just want her to reach her highest potential.