Terms for marks on the face


I need some terms for different marks on our faces.

1- When you look at yourself carefully in a good mirror you notice some very light black spots (mostly on the nose). What do you call them?

2- Some people have ( I really do not know how to say it) marks only on their cheeks caused mostly by some kind of pox–chicken pox, etc. What is the term for those marks–it’s as if the chheks have been dug?

I would appreciate more if you could provide me with more terms for any kinds of marks on the face.


Hi Tom

For 1, are you referring to freckles?
Or are you possibly referring to liver spots?
Or do you mean pimples/acne?

For 2, I’d say the skin is pitted or pocked, or that someone has pockmarks.

People also sometimes have one or more moles. This guy’s mole is well-known:

Of course, you might also talk about scars. Some people have very noticeable bags under their eyes, or a double chin.

People also develop facial wrinkles as they age. The wrinkles that extend outward from the eyes are often called “crow’s feet”.

How’s that for starters?

Many thanks Amy!!



Many thanks, Amy.

Could you please tell me what one should say for cheeks like these?

Look at the third picture in the first column.These are the marks left by acne–as if the cheeks have been dug.(the profile of a woman)

images.google.com/images?hl=en&q … a=N&tab=wi



Those are not marks but natural pores. As we age, they enlarge (on babies they are invisible), especially if you don’t look after your skin. Pores can collect dirts and they will become larger. It bothers many women and there are a lot of products out there to help reduce the size of the pores. Ever heard of the word non-comedogenic? Most beauty products are non-comedogenic nowadays, meaning, they don’t block pores.

But actually keeping your skin clean and eating a lot of vegetables is the real remedy.