TEOFL essay: Many people believe that television programes are of no value

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Many people believe that television programes are of no value…

The issue here is that are television programs of value ? This is a very debatable question. In my opinion television programs are of value to us. Actaully it all depends on what you see on television and who is seeing what.

The first thing that comes to mind is that how does it affect children. When children see cartoons, most cartoons have a moral. Watching cartoons at a tender age which is entertaining for children and also they can grasp some learning out of it benefits them. Watching something like cartoons for children while they take a break from studies is better than doing or playing something which does not add to their knowledge.

A little older children when exposed to educational channels it does wonders to them. Anything that is heard or seen on TV registers in their minds very well. Studying from books get boring for a children so a television could be an alternative way to teach useful material. Also television channels like discovery channel shows a number of experiments with real apparatus or animals which makes it an interesting viewing. Anything done with interest and passion will always be remembered and not forgotten soon.

For adults who are in a better position to understand what is shown on television and can differenciate good from the bad and what can be done and what to be done by experts alone they could watch different kinds of movies or programs on any topic. A lot of knowledge can be gained from television in the areas of history, si-fi, natural habitat, current affairs, discoveries in the world and so much more.

Everday there is there is so much discovery, current affairs, so much happening around the world, tv is the best medium to give you uptodate information instantly. For example the stock market. What better a medium other than the tv can one have, tv channels give us current politial situation of every country which could affect the markets, expert analysis and advice, market trends and brought to your living room live!

Thus I strongly believe that TV programs are of value to us when seen in limitation and when the desired audience is seeing the program.

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