Hi everyone,

How many tenses are there in English language?

Are there 16 tenses in active voice and 10 in passive?

It depends on where you look and whether or not you count the conditionals as separate tenses:
englisch-hilfen.de/en/gramma … _table.pdf
learn-english-today.com/less … vision.htm
athabascau.ca/courses/engl/1 … tenses.htm

Hi Bev,

That is the question whether we should consider conditionals separate tenses or not. It seems to me that conditionals should be taught separately. At least it was easier for me to learn first all the tenses and then conditionals. Anyway, thanks a lot for the links. I posted the question long ago and sort of lost hope someone would ever answer.

Regards :wink:

It was only a couple of days ago. Some of us have been busy!