tender or bid, tenderer or bidder

Hi everybody,

i’m translating a public procurement notice. I’d like to know which word is more appropriate: tender or bid and tenderer or bidder. I’ve encountered both pairs but i’m not sure which one to use.


Ljinjan, Good morning.

A bid is referring to an open auction, as in a sale room, open to all of the public, where one bids against others in full view of other bidders.

Tender, is usually a closed / sealed / secret bid, in an envelope, containing the final offer of the tenderer.

then, it seems that tender and tenderer are more appropriate.

Another problem:

“objections shall be filed to the contracting authority within five days…” or maybe
“objections shall be filed with the contracting authority within five days…”

Shall be filed.

Sorry for the delay, as I have been helping a friend with his car all morning.


“filed to the c.a” or “file with the c.a”

filed with the c.a”