tells and told

Alice: Alan, have you ever made a home movie?
Alan: No, I haven’t.
Alice: Ah, well, there’s always a first time! I’m sure you’ll do it very well.
A few days later.
Daisy: Alice tells me you want to make a home movie, Alan.
Alan: She wants me to. I don’t know where to begin!

Why does Alice say ‘tells’ instead of ‘told’? What does ‘tells’ mean here? The same for Alan, why does he say ‘wants’ instead of ‘wanted’? And what does ‘wants’ mean here?

It refers to a recent conversation so the speaker has chosen to use the present tense. It’s down to style.

I’m not sure how to explain the meaning of ‘tells’ and ‘wants’ further than a dictionary definition would. Why are you having a problem with the meaning when you know the meaning of ‘tell’ and ‘want’?

Thanks Beeesneees. But what do you mean by saying ‘It’s down to style’?

The tense used here depends on the style of talking that the speaker wishes to use.

Daisy: Alice tells me you want to make a home movie, Alan.

By saying ‘tells’ instead of ‘told’, Daisy wants to express that Alice tells her every time she meets her. It’s almost become a habit of hers. In this way, Daisy wants to show how much Alice is concerned with that thing. Does ‘tells’ also mean that? THANKS.

No, that’s not correct.

Alice has only told Daisy this on one occasion.