Telling the truth?


Would you mind helping me correct the essay about the topic below? Thank you very much.

Topic: Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Always telling the truth is the most important consideration in any relationship. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Nowadays, some people believe that it is one of the most important value in many relationships to tell the truth all the time. However, it cannot be always the best choice to tell the truth in many situations. Sometimes white lies are indispensible to keep relationships more lively and delightly. There are some examples to support this idea.

First and foremost, in the relationships between lovers, it is often essential to compliment their lovers on their appearance and their behavior. Even though they do not think that their boyfriend or girlfriend looks good on their new shoes and new clothes, it will probably diss them by telling the truth. On the other hand, little compliments will make them confident and happy making their relationship tighter.

Secondly, parents need to encourage their children by telling lies. Even if they are doing bad work on studying or exercising, telling the truth will hurt their hurts. What they need is a little encouraging words instead of truthful words.

Finally, for some parents telling them their current state of their disease will probably desperate them. It is accepted publically not to let the patients know the truth. They may be able to have hope to overcome their disease without knowing the truth.

To sum up briefly, it is not always better to tell the truth than lies. Some lies are acceptable in terms of making people’ life more profusely. Not everybody has to know the truth, and it will lead them happier not knowing it. In these cases, white lies are worth to be regarded as a virtue of people’ relationships.


Hi Phuong, you have some good examples here, but there is not quite enough development in your essay. Your three body paragraphs are basically just three examples. I think you need to come up with some larger themes and then use your examples, which are good, to illustrate these larger themes. For instance, one larger theme is that lies can encourage people and give them hope - for this theme you could use the examples of the dying patient and the encouraging parent. And the second theme is that lies can help avoid conflict and let people get along better - here you could use the example of the romantic couple, and maybe add another example about getting along with a troublesome relative by telling some innocuous lies. Here are some other suggestions:


Thank you for sharing interesting topic Truth vise Lie. I cannot find mistakes in the essay, since I myself learn from Forum / other feedback and way of their writing. As for the topic, I will say truth is always better than lies, not in all situations, there are some exception for this, ( to improve their children, to encourage them, we can say “Good”, it would make them to do better, I have no idea about lovers, since myself is arranged marriage, not knowing the diseases of their parents). The truth can be hidden by any one, if it is a good purpose (like marriage - Telling thousands lies make one marriage, it is our state proverb)
Thank you