Tell someone you love them today . . . in German!


Thanks - straight to Facebook for me

Liebst du mich? ha ha.



P.S. I love your magic shirts!

Na klar!

Du bist wirklich süss ! :slight_smile: Und Deutch ist nicht hässlich…

Warum nicht?


Danke, Hajdin! I appreciate it!

Your name means sunshine, doesn’t it?


“Na klar!” means “But of course!”


He? Ich denk es geht hier um Liebe?[YSaerTTEW443543]

TOEIC listening, photographs: Loading a plane[YSaerTTEW443543]

I may be putting my foot in my mouth again but are you saying that because German is such an angry/terrifying sounding language, will actually help the people you shout “Ich liebe dich” at toughen up? If so, then I might just take your advice. :slight_smile:

(By the way, I took three years of German and “Ich liebe dich” is just about everything I remember. Not good, right?)

Yeah, sunshine or simply a light. Although when I was a little my hair was literally white, and now I am a ‘blonde’ . Hm, and than they say that the name meanings doesn’t mean nothing. The same situation with me, just change German with French. I had French in a high school and all I learned is parle vu france, and ca va. But I took German course one month ago, and it is going more than well. It is actually kind of interesting language. But the more I am into it, the harder it gets…:-/

Oh my mine, I messed up this and that of English with this and that of German. Oh dear.

Es freut mich sehr, das zu horen.


Yummy yummy then?

Have fun!

Some people say that German sounds terrifying. It amuses me every time I hear it.

When you don’t use a language, you forget it.


So, you think I’m a piece of cake, eh? Wrong! I’m a tough cookie! :wink:



My dear teeth are in a deteriorate shape. I can’t gnaw at all.

So I literally use Yummy.

Still for a tough yummy biscuit I would douse it first.

Bis bald.

Ah, parlez-vous Français? :slight_smile: French is a whole different kettle of fish for me. I took seven years of French and when someone drills vocabulary and grammar rules into your head for such a long time… well then, something has to stick! So, I think I can safely say that I am still able to understand written French pretty well (depending on the difficulty of the text). (I am not saying that I can speak/write French – because I can’t!)

I hear you, Hajdin: I am like that about English – often enough I feel that the more I learn, the less I know! Hmph.