Telephone & E-mail have made the communication between people less personal.

Topic ::Telephone & E-mail have made the communication between people less personal.

In the foregone era of 1800’s letters were the main modes of communication. Through letters, it used to take considerably long time to communicate a message. Nowadays, with globalization it became necessary for people from one corner of the globe to communicate with people from other corner. This necessity has prompted us to look out for much faster mode of communication. Advent of internet and advances in telecommunication industry have brought telephone and email into the foray. While ever one accepts that they are a better means to communicate faster, questions are being raised about the integrity of that communication.

On the outset, it looks like our communication through phone or email is secured and no one can breach our privacy. However, it is not impossible either to tweak a phone line or to hack an email message.

By tweaking a telephone line, one can actually listen to a phone conversation between two people. Sometimes, due to technical glitches, two telephone lines will be intercepted and we, while speaking on one line, can hear the conversation of other people and vice-versa. Moreover nowadays all our phone conversations are being saved and stored in databases by the service providers.

Hacking email & computer is posing another threat to the integrity of the data we send through emails. Generally we send confidential and personal information through emails. By hacking the email or by logging into one’s computer, a hacker can easily find the information. Yesterday, I read news that the email of the Chief Secretary of Indian air force was hacked and all his email data was deleted.

While through email and phone one can communicate much faster, he/she may have to compromise to some extent on the integrity of the data. It is important for us to find a solution to this integrity issue. As a saying goes, every rose has its thorn. Every technological innovation has its own advantages and disadvantages. We all are aware how to pluck a rose without being harmed by its thorn. Similarly, rather than denouncing useful technologies such as phone and email, we should try to mitigate their negative impact on us.

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