Telecommunicating (listening + reading)

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The article states that telecommuting has not become popular providing two main disadvantages of it. On the other hand, the professor in listening passage oppose the statement by giving examples from the research which contradict with the reading passage.
According to the reading passage, there are two negative factors about telecommunicating, such as it is very difficult to manage all the employees, especially when they carry out their duties across the country. Furthermore, the system that could manage them has not been developed yet. The second issue is that people working from their apartments have a lack of interaction and communication.
According to the professor, despite the negative issues, there are a great deal of advantages. For instance, working from home decreases stress situations, such driving in rush hours, it has a positive influence on job satisfaction and people have control over their time. The professor also says that people enjoy environment at home, they like that there is no dress code and they become more productive working longer.

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Hi, I do think this one was a bit better, though you still had some problems with phrasing your sentences correctly. You did capture almost all of the points from the lecture though, and that is the important thing. Overall, I would rate this a 4 out of 5.

Can i ask you a question? i see neither audio nor article as you mentioned.

Hi Usguidee. I searched the internet and although I was not able to find the audio or article, I did find two similar essays from which I was able to deduce what the lecture covered.