Teha, teha, teha, what a shame!

Woman: But anyway my mother’s going to have to spend several more days in hospital to recuperate.

Man: But not in a private room. Teha, teha, teha, what a shame!

Woman: No, not really. It’s the best thing for her. She’ll be well looked after, well fed, well taken care of by the nurses.

Teha, teha, teha, ← Original text

What does he really say?

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This sound is normally written “tsk tsk tsk”. It means something like “that’s bad”. It can refer to an event, a situation, a person’s actions, etc.

It’s usually a mild or moderate form of bad. It is not normally used for something severe. If the woman’s mother had died, then “tsk tsk tsk” would not be appropriate. It downplays the severity.


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