teenagers should take part in many different kinds of activities

Some teenagers took part in many different kinds of activities, such as musical classes and sports classes, while others only focus on one activity, which is important to them. Which do you think is better? Please provide reasons and details in your answer.

Like young lion cubs learn and practice hunting skills from playing with their siblings, teenagers need to take part in activities to learn and obtain the knowledge and skills, which cannot be gain from class and books. Some teens participate in various activities. In contrast, some teenagers prefer to stick with the most important one to them. For the sake of their growth, teenagers will benefit more by taking part in a variety of activities instead of a sole one in regards to cultivating their characteristics, enriching their experience, and building up interpersonal skills.

First of all, the importance of participating different activities cannot be stressed enough upon cultivating teens’ characteristics. Through different activities, different personality features are emphasized. Some activities emphasize personal performance and need them to be more independent, for example, swimming, and playing tennis; some ones require teens to corporate with other team members and fight for the whole team, for instance, playing basketball, and volleyball; and some activities can cultivate teenagers to be able to stand in others’ shoes and be empathy, for example, volunteering in long term care facility, and hospital. Through different activities, teenagers’ characteristics will be built up from different facets. As a result, they will be more dynamic.

Moreover, taking part in various activities play an important role in enriching teenagers’ experiences. For teenagers, activities are crucial towards their growth. The thickness of the lives will be expand through participate in different activities. In addition, they might encounter the opportunities to explore the true interest in their lives. Take my cousin as an example. She loves dancing and decided to become a ballerina since she was a little girl. In a summer during her junior high school, she volunteered in a rehabilitation health center. She met a few of professional dancers who had injured their ankles, legs, or backs. She was touched. It stimulated her to want to help people like them in the future. Now, she became a physiotherapist. Meanwhile, she still goes to dancing studio for dancing and also volunteer there as a wellness consultant. She enjoys what she does every day. The thickness of her life is expanded by her various activities.

Furthermore, joining in different activities helps teenagers meet and cultivate their interpersonal skills. Through different activity groups, they meet all kinds of people and learn how to interact with them. During the process, it facilitates them to build up their interpersonal, communication and socialization skills. These soft skills pose an essential impact on their growth and even future career development. Take my brother’s manager of his company as an example. The lady is not the one who is most knowledgeable or owns the highest degree in the company, but she leads a team constituted of smart people who are experts in the field. One of the reasons is that she is excellent and strong at interpersonal skills and knows how to cope with different people to motivate them to work as a team. Teens will learn and practice these skills with diverse people met from different activities.

To sum up, joining different activities has a crucial impact on teenagers in regards to characteristics cultivation, life expansion, and socialization skills development. They play an important role in teenagers’ growth and can accelerate their maturation. Teenagers will be benefit in a long run. Therefore, teens should be encouraged to participate in various activities. Thus, they will be well prepared for their future.

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