Teenagers' job while they go to school

Having a job is one of the most significant factors for people’s peace and happyness. During the history, people who have a job have been respected by society because many people believe that having a job gives people independence and happyness. Therefore, I strongly believe that it is a good idea that teenagers have jobs while they are still students because it provides them some advantages such as, meeting school expenses, being independent, and adopting some experiences for the future lives.

 To begin with, having a job provides teenagers an opportunity to meet their school expenses and other necessities. Therefore, they can get everyting what they need without getting help from their parents. For example, my friends is a university student, and he works as a waiter in a restaurant at the weekends. He says that he could get everything what he need because his chief gave him enough money for his expenses such as books, nootbooks, and clothes.

 Second, having a job offers teenagers independence because they do not depend on their parents or siblings economically. Thus, they can go wherever they want, and they can do whatever they want. For instance, my sister is 15 years old, and she works in a mobilephone company after the school, and she can go to vocations with her friens in the summers because she makes money for this vocations by working this company during the school time. Furthermore, she can go wherever she wants at the weekeds and on the some special days like chiristmas.

 Third, having a job provides some teenagers some experiences for their future life. Hence, when they are getting older, they can overcome some difficulties easily. For example, when they graduate from university, they can find a job easily. That is, if they do not find a job which depend on their field, they can use their prior experiences which they adopted from their before job, and they can continiue their life by using these experiences.

 To sum up, it is obvious that having a job presents teenagers opportunities like, meeting their expenses, being more independent, and adopting some experiences for their future lives. All above explanations and examples illistrate how it provides these advantages to the teenagers.

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