teenagers have jobs while they are students. Do you think this is a good idea?why

Teenagers who work while they are students is a widely variable issue from culture to another. In my country, we assure that ethics of work to be implanted in our teenagers’ minds by urging them to work during their leisure times before graduation, and I certainly cherish the students’ work. I really support the work of student during the school because it implants many good characteristics in teenagers’ personalities, it helps them to pay their college tuition, and give them a broader understanding of the marketplace requirement at their career.

First, I strongly respect the working students who study at school or college, and work simultaneously. Because this teenager will acquire many good traits, such as commitment, organization, and time ethics, they should be allowed to work while they are at school. For example, back to as early as 2007, when I started my apprenticeship at architecture design firm, honestly, I suffered a lot to meet the deadlines or to be on time at the company’s office. Frankly, I lacked many characteristics to be a good designer. Later, as two months after, my personality dramatically altered, I became an organized, commitment guy.

Second, for better school results, and strong performance during the school, the students should work to pay for their tuition. This is the easiest way to make sure that the students will do their best to achieve maximum grades to land better jobs, and to prove their superiority. For instance, at first Year at arch. Design school , frankly I was not very diligent student. My father had found me a job to start pay for my tuition. After my first payment for tuition, my academic performance has improved, because I was the one who suffered to collect every penny to pay tuition. Imagine how student’s academic superiority will be, who used to work to pay for his tuition, if they granted a scholarship?

Third, apprenticeship will be a vital time for student, as it gives a broader look over marketplace requirements and the implementations to get hired at a good job. For example, before graduation, at apprenticeship time I designed many homes to several clients with different style, which were ranging from Classicism to Green architecture. Unless I had a good training before graduation, I would not have been able land a job easily. All of these advantages were a fruits of training and work during school.
In conclusion, I strongly believe that student should work during school, because they will acquire many great characteristics, they will pay tuitions, and they will gain a broader look on marketplace requirements to get a job.

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Hi Elsherif, I thought you did a very good job on this one. Excellent content, with very convincing arguments and examples. This is close to a 4.5, but still a few too many errors in singular/plural, articles, and some mistakes in usage, so I would rate this a 4 out of 5.