Teachers should or not talking their social or political views in class?

When it comes to the question whether teachers should or not talking their social or political views to students in the class, different people hold different ideas. Admittedly, teachers have their rights of speech freedom. But it should be well considered if it is appropriate for them to use this right in such an unusual place as classroom. In my opinion, whether or not teachers can talk about their social or political points in a class depends on what type of students they are faced with.

Though it is legally recognized everyone has the freedom of speech, I do not think classroom in junior or senior school is a good place for teacher to exercise this right. First and foremost, it will be a waste of time if their social or political views have nothing to do with the content of the class. Is it helpful to improve the students’ math abilities or to enhance their fluency in foreign language? Of course, it will not be of any help but distract the students. On the other hand, with immature outlooks or values, adolescents are inclined to be easily influenced by the remarks of their teachers. It is okay if the teachers’ views are somewhat objective, but what if the teachers’ views are biased or even radical? I couldn’t imagine. Actually in most cases, the teacher is more or less subjective and some even regard the classroom as a platform to preach his or her theory. These extreme standpoints will be deeply rooted in a teenager’s mind and may lead to some drastic actions even when they become adults.

However, things are different as the students are spiritually mature. I don’t see why teachers can not show their personal ideas towards social or political events when they are teaching a group of university students, as long as different voices are allowed. University students can think more comprehensively, they are less susceptible to different voices. Instead, a discussion concerned national affairs in the class between the professor and students may stimulate students’ social responsibilities and can be beneficial for students overall development.

So, based on the discussion above, I think teachers should be prudent to talking their social or political views in the class.

TOEFL listening discussions: A conversation between a university professor and a student in the professor’s office