teachers' performance should be evaluated by students rather than by other teache

I would be grateful for correction to my essay for TOEFL Independent task.
Do you agree or disagree with the statement that teachers’ performance should be evaluated by students rather than by other teachers?
It is widely accepted that today in such a sophisticated world education plays an important role in people’ lives. One of the most contentious questions, which is often raised regarding this issue, is about the quality of education and there are many ways to assess the quality of teaching methods. There are various perspectives toward this issue, as some people might believe that teachers’ performance should be judged by students, while others maintain that this process should be done by other teachers. I personally concur with the latter perspective. From my vantage point, other teachers’ point of view could reveal better information about a teachers’ performance.
The first point that is worth bearing in mind is the fact that other teachers consider standard factors giving their opinion and the result of their perspective could be more realistic. To shed light on this matter, I want to mention examples of factors. I believe factors such as ability to convey information to students, behave properly with students in the classroom, make a suitable atmosphere for students to feel free asking their questions could be important issues that could be neglected by students to assess a teacher. Conversely, teachers could judge based on these factors.
The second reason that deserves some words here is that a lot of students give their opinion based on their feelings and this could backfire on the result of an assessment of a teacher. From a psychological stand point, many students are inclined toward to discuss their teachers negatively, due to the fact that they think that teachers put some limits for them and this way of thinking engenders bad feelings for them that definitely adversely affect their opinion. Consequently, we could expect that they do not assess a teacher objectively and their ideas are biased. The noteworthy statistics, revealed by recent poll at Johns Hopkins University, indicate that more than 70 percent of teachers prefer to be judged by other teachers rather than students since they believe students have always tendency to find negative facts and express their idea based on the them.
To make a long story short, all the aforementioned reasons and examples lead us to the conclusion that it makes sense to allow other teachers evaluating their colleagues so as to provide better results. However, that was the story in a nutshell; actually there are a myriad of other reasons and examples supporting my opinion, which are not mentioned above due to the dearth of time. All in all, it is highly recommended that a survey be conducted to assess what other negative impacts students’ ideas could have on the result of an assessment for teachers.

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Hi Bestwayy, I thought this one was really good. You have some great content and this sounds more natural throughout than many of your other essays. You do have a few errors here and there and some word choices that could be improved, but I think this one might score a 4 out of 5.