my name is Tanya. Originally I am from Belarus. But now I live in the US. From my childhood I’ve been interested in learning languages and discovering new countries and cultures for myself. Several years ago I graduated from the college in Belarus where I studied English and German as majors. After graduation I worked at school for a while as a teacher of English. But my dream was to visit new places, to practise my English. So I found a new job that allowed me to travel a lot. I’ve been to more then 20 countries in Europe and North / Central America. I met my soulmate one year ago. Since then we’ve been together. I couldn’t travel anymore because our relationship was more important for me. Now we are engaged, and planning on having a wedding this fall. My fiance is American. Last year we mostly lived in Belarus because his job let him work distantly. But then it became tough to work not from the US, and we moved here.

The reason I am on that site is that I love English. Due to my traveling I didn’t have lots of time to learn it dipper. I improved my understanding of different accents of English as I met people all over the world. But I would like to work on my accent, though my fiance likes it and doesn’t want me to loose it (lol). I want to enlarge my active vocabulary as well.

Feel free to send me messages. I’ll be happy to say"Hi":slight_smile:

Hi Tatybird,
You’re welcome to this forum.
You can learn a lot here.
Best of luck.


Thanks for stopping by, and I appreciate that you’ve pointed out my mistake:-)

You’re welcome.