Task1:Concrete production.(Thank you,Lu!)

The flow diagrams demonstrate the steps and facilities utilised in the cement-making process, and how the cement is put into use to generate concrete for constructions.

It is clear that the first diagram that the combination of limestone and clay are poured into mixer through crusher in the first step, with some powder adding to this process. Then the mixture is heated in rotating heater to produce grinder. The last step is to pack the product of cement into bags.

According to the second diagrams we can see that 15% of cement is dumped into the concrete mixer accompanied by 10% of water. Then sand and gravel(that is, small stones) are both added into the mixer, with 25% and 50% respectively. After mixing in the container for a period of time, we will see the final product, concrete.

Overall, it is manifest that a successive of processes are needed to produce concrete.

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Hi Zachray, you had quite a few problems decoding the cement diagram and your concrete description is not that clear. Hopefully my comments will help you out.