Talk about your user name

this is my real name 706 means Room’s number which i live there!!!
what about you?!!!
Best Kisees

My username is derived from the English spelling Jan Amos Komesnky’s last name, a Czech teacher of (I believe) the 16th century. I learned about him while teaching in Prague a number of years ago. He was quite inspirational to me, and I’ve chosen his name as my user id for almost everything computer related I’ve done. :slight_smile:

Quite simple and boring - it’s my real name :wink:
I tend to use different names on different boards or in different communities, depending on what it is about, and here my real name seemed to suit best.

My friends often call me “tortoise”, and that makes me like the tortoise. So I choose it as my user name on forums I join in.

Mine? Fluffyby?

Let me tell you the story.

Once upon a time, there was this thing flying around with a pair of fluffy wings. Well, you are wrong. Not birds. They were butterflies. They liked (and like) to flutter around. Therefore the name flutter-by. After that the name became fluffy-by and eventually butterfly.

LOL. My mom told me this story. I think it’s quite cute so I chose it as my name in, well, almost every board I join.


wullpe…actually vulpe in romanian means fox …my friends call me like that because they think i’m slick and foxily…

Hello Wullpe, how are you? Romanian is similar to Italian is that right? Do you understand texts writting in Italian?

hi my username is fidasha and that is sweety form of my name bye

My name means the sweet


Gray is the colour of the truth. And I am not sure whether it is true :wink:

Gray is the colour of my trouseses in the picture.


where are the members to talk about them selves :frowning:

They will follow, if you lead (kidding) :wink:

My real name is Esin, a turkish name which means inspiration. Papatya means a daisy. I love daisies, so I took the initial of my first name and put it as a suffix after the word daisy, and here is my name papatyae or daisy + inspiration!

my user name as appear means a girl who have agood shape and calm.

Are you Arabian??

that’s also my real name followed by the first three digits in my student number when I was a student in the university ( around 9 years ago )

yes honey2 i’m from saudi arabia

hi I am Rasha from Egypt
in fact i do not know how to be a member of this list???