take this opportunity to do something

Hi everyone,

I have some divarication with my colleague to express the sentence meaning below:

She thinks in this way: Firstly, I would like to [color=red]take this opportunity to express the appreciation for the [color=red]interest that you have showed to the training in HK in December.

As for me, ‘take this opportunity’ is unnecessary or any proper way to explain the similar meaning?

It is better to say: to express the appreciation of your interest on the training. This is more concise and direct, and her words is little bit wordy.

Don’t you think so?

Thank you for your explanation. :smiley:

Hello Liqichao,

I see no problem in using “take this opportunity to”. It sounds quite natural in the context. Aside from that, I’ve made some suggestions for rewording inside the quote in boldface type. The choice of “this month” or “last December” would of course depend on whether she says the sentence in December or after December has ended.