Synonyms to the word 'cool'

Dear friends,
can you give me the synonyms to the word ‘cool’. I mean when we want to say that we really like something, or think that something is wonderful, funny, trendy, etc., how to say it in other words? I need informal words, that I could use in informal, friendly conversations.

dandy, divine, glorious, hunky-dory, keen, marvelous, neat, nifty, sensational, swell, divine, fabulous, fantastic, fantastical, glorious, splendid, superb, terrific, wonderful

awesome, sweet, amazing, hot, great, sexy, nice, wicked, funny, good, hip, fantastic, super, neat, best, wow, excellent, beautiful, groovy, swell

Thank you very much. And can you specify which situations these words fit (at least the words you use most often)?

I mean, which of them are most popular between native speakers?

The usage of words depends on the age, educational level, environment and many other factors, even a tone of a conversation. There are native speakers and native speakers. The words that are popular among school kids differ from the word popular in academic circles.
I have heard from different people in different circumstances: marvelous, neat, nifty, sensational, fabulous, fantastic, splendid, superb, terrific, wonderful, awesome, sweet, amazing, hot, great, sexy, nice, good, hip, super, neat, best, wow, excellent, beautiful.
I think that swell, groovy, hunky-dory, and dandy are a bit old-fashioned.

And what about ‘huge’? My students claim they heard this word in this meaning.

I have never heard it in this sense, which does not mean that others have not either. I heard huge meaning very important.

Thank you, Milanya, you are very helpful. I wanted to know it because I have no opportunity to hear it in a real conversation. :slight_smile: