Synonyms of cry (genitive case)

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Is it “yell” a synonym of “cry”? In this particular case, I use cry for somebody who?s shouting, not weeping…

What about “shout” and “yell”? Are they synonyms?

If not, can you tell me some, please?

2.- GENITIVE. “The cries FROM the baby”

I can say: Baby?s cries. This is a genitive,
but if I try to make it in a longer way,
it would be “The cries OF the baby”, isn?t it?
However, I think it?s “The cries FROM
the baby”. Isn?t it always used the preposition “OF” when you
try to make a genitive case longer?
I had understood that when I was a child.
Maybe, I understood wrongly ?cause I was a child. Ha ha!!

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Hi Jesus

The word “cry” only means “shout” when it is written in a novel or story.:wink: In other words, that is a literary usage.
In “everyday life”, crying is what you are doing when there are tears coming from your eyes and you’re very unhappy or hurt.

Some additional synonyms for shout + yell:
scream, holler, bellow

“A cry of the baby” is the same as “the baby’s cry”

If you said “a cry from the baby”, then would basically be focusing more on where the cry came from, and less on whose cry it was.

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