Synonym of agitated

Kids living in a noisy neighbourhood are agitated compared to those living in a quiet neighbourhood.

Can I use the word ‘‘disturbed’’ as a synonym for agitated?

Thank you in advance.

Not really. “disturbed”, in this context, suggests a more serious mental disorder. While “agitated” is not categorically wrong, I feel it may not be quite the optimum word either. “agitated” usually refers to a response to a particular situation, rather than being an overall description of someone’s behaviour patterns. There is a word “hyperactive” that may be close to what you mean. Or, slighly milder and less medical-sounding is “excitable”. I would also be inclined to change the sentence structure to:

“Kids living in a noisy neighbourhood are more than those living in a quiet neighbourhood.”

Thank you Dozy, I think there is no word , which I can use as a substitute for ‘‘agitated’’, since the passage is about the effect of noise pollution on mental health. The word ‘‘Hyperactive’’ is good when you describe ‘‘Attention deficit disorder’’. I think you use the word excitable when a person watches exciting things on TV, but I’m not sure.


“excitable” can be used to describe someone’s general personality or behaviour. It does not specifically relate to watching TV (or any other particular activity). However, it is more of a general-purpose word than one relating to a mental health condition, so it may not be suitable for you.