"Suspension of disbelief"


Given below are a few dialogues between a detective (A) and a beautiful female writer.i[/i]

I would request you to explain the lines in red!

A- You working on another book?
B- Yes, I am.

A- [color=red]It must really be something, making stuff up all the time?
B- Yeah, it teaches you to lie.

A- How is that?
B- [color=red]You make stuff up. It has to be believable. It is called suspension of disbelief.

A- What’s your new book about?
B- A detective! He falls for [color=red]the wrong woman.(The woman has been discussed for the first time to the detective. Shouldn’t it be [color=red]A?)

A- What happens?
B- She kills him!

Many thanks in advance


That must be a great achievement, inventing stories all the time.

You invent stories. They have to be believable, credible. It is called persuading the reader to believe the unbelievable.

implying “instead of the right woman”.

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