Suspect vs. doubt

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What is the difference between “suspect” and “doubt”?



I am not a teacher, but I think they’re opposite.

Doubt: Negative meaning
Suspect : Positive meaning.

If I am wrong, please fix me. :smiley:
Van Khanh

suspect ;
-to believe ( someone ) to be guilty without having any proof.
-to think (something )to be false or doubtful
-to believe (something )to be the case

  • a person who is believed guilty of a specified offence
  • adj. not to be trusted or relied upon

doubt ;
-uncertainty about the truth ,facts,or existence of something
-an unresolved difficulty or point

  • give someone the benefit of the doubt accept that
    someone is speaking the truth
    -no doubt almost certainly
    -to be inclined to disbelieve
    -to distrust or be suspicious of

doubt - opposite meaning - sure or certain

suspect - opposite meaning - believe ,trust

I am not a teacher ( thank godness ) but by coincidence I have bought some time ago a dictionary.

kidding , just kidding
I don’t know for sure - just wild guess.
I bet in Vietnamese these two words are really opposite.

by courtesy of Collins Family Dictionary

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