surprise vs. amaze

Mimi is a(n) ______ actress and she is loved by many people.
A. surprised
B. amazing
C. surprise
D. amazed

I see no reasonable answer here. Any idea please?

Only B fits. It is reasonable (as long as you use the ‘an’ form of the article).

According to the grammar rule, I chose B, too. But how come an amazing actress that is loved by many people? The thing that struggles in my mind is the use of ‘and’ and the meaning of the word ‘amazing’ here. The 2 clauses do not really fit one the other.

Why not? If the fact that she is an amazing actress is what makes people love her so much, then the two are linked.

But have you ever said such a thing? Because it seems to me that ‘amazing’ is just too much just to be loved. I think ‘popular’ is more suitable.

It may be more suitable but that is not an option in the test. There is nothing wrong with using ‘amazing’.

Dankie :slight_smile: