'Sunny side up eggs' – a question to AmE-ricans :)


I like this poetic American name for prosaic British ‘fried eggs’. :slight_smile:

In Russian it would be similar to ‘big-eyed’ (feminine grammatical gender) :slight_smile:

‘sunny side up’ is an adjective, yes. Or… adverb? :slight_smile:

“I made it as you like - sunny side up.”

And how do you (like it :)) prefer to write it:

sunny side up
sunnyside up
sunny-side up


Hi Tamara

Eggs-cellent question. :lol: I’d write “sunny-side up”.

But, we have two basic sorts of fried eggs in the US. You forgot to mention “over easy”. 8)

Both of these phrases are considered to be adjectives.




Hi Tamara,

I have no wish to overegg the situation so I’ll make no comment. Hope you get the yoke.


Sure as eggs is eggs, all of you have egged me on to add my two eggs and now you have me scrambling for ‘egg’ words. This will probably look like an egg-and-spoon race and I’ll end up getting egg on my face, I know.

Well, as they say, you can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs.

Alan, a good joke (and/or the peeled and wasted remnants © of my sense of humour :slight_smile: ) always helps (help??? :)) me to endure the yoke.

Hi, Conchita

Definitely, today is my is/are day :slight_smile:
Egss are eggs?

Well, you know, today is Friday, a kind of anything-goes ssort of day. Sso let’ss throw caution to the ‘hurricane’ and do as we please and dare, jusst for thiss oncce’!

(Is your avatar taking itss toll on uss, do you think?) :slight_smile: :?


Thisss Friday I wasss (and ssstill am :)) going to work from home… and now am trying to ssstart diving in a deep water. :slight_smile:

Instead of that I’m ssstill diligently sssurfing the forum, sssmiling…