Sunny days to everybody!

Hi, my name is Furuzan. I’m from Istanbul, Turkey. I’m 29 years old and work for a aluminium curtain wall company as export & import manager. I can speak German, Turkish and English. But my English is unfortunately not good enough. I would like to have friends from all over the world.
I’m sure we can help each other…
Dear Forum Members, please correct my mistakes, so I can improve my English…Thank you! Wish you a nice day!

I’m only a beginner in English, but I noticed some mistakes:

AN aluminium curtain wall company
THE export n import manager

If u want to improve ur writing skill n grammar, u could go to the preparation essay for TOEFL section. There’s a kind language coach who is willing to help us improving our writing skill.

By the way, I’m a university student with 10 years different in age with u.
Hello! :slight_smile:

Hi Furuzan - welcome to the forums. You appear to speak English reasonably well.

Hi Argentum - thanks for helping. You are correct about ‘an’, but ‘export and import manager’ is acceptable without the article in this instance. (If he is the only export/import manager, you can add ‘the’ but it’s not essential).
Do you think it would be helpful to use correct grammar when advising people to improve their use of English? The words ‘u’ and ‘n’ don’t exist and I’m sure you realise that.

I’m sorry miss.
I’m used to use abbreviation, but It won’t happen again. :slight_smile:
Thanks for correcting me also.

How about this sentence? Is this correct? Should I add an article?
I’m export/import manager.

When used in isolation like that you need to add an article, yes.

I work for (a company) as (job title) is a special case, where the article is not usually necessary (unless you want to emphasise that you are the only one).

Hi Argentum,
thanks for your advice. Our corrections can be wrong, too. It’s really good to have such nice teachers, who corrects our mistakes. I think you agree with me?
Have a nice day, bye bye…

Hellooo, many thanks for your kind compliment :slight_smile: and correction!