Suit each other "For two lovers"

[i]“You suit each other a lot”

Is this sentence correct ? Can I say this for two lovers ?[/i]


I think ‘suit’ is a bit weak when you are talking about lovers. May I suggest a completely different expression: You/they make a perfect match. If you’re going to use ‘suit’, I would rephrase your sentence to read: You suit each other perfectly.


Yes yours has strong meaning,thanks…

I have one more question too. What does “gender mainstream” mean ?


To give a clear answer to that I would have to know the context because although the meaning of the individual words is obvious, I’m not sure exactly what the two words together mean.


“Don’t begrudge me this” or “don’t begrudge me from this”

“Don’t begrudge me this” would be the usual version.

(You might find it better to start a new thread for a new question, Vol, by the way!)

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