Suggestion needed to taking next GRE

Hi everyone,

What would be the best way, using private tutor, any guide (self-prepare) or any online course to prepare for the GRE?
This will be my first time taking the GRE and I am wondering what the best way to prepare for the exam is? I’ve Princeton 2010 GRE book but was wondering whether I should purchase another book (such as Kaplan, Barron’s, or some other book) or should I take private tutoring or any online course like Kaplan,, etc?
Suggest me I need your suggestion?

Hi, Guen,

I think you should ask this question yourself because this would only judge by a student that where will he get a better preparation.

If someone wants to prepare by his/her self this would be better and I think for self preparation you need a perfect preparation material thats only provide by an online course.

So I suggest you to go and try this link once and compare it from other.

Good Luck! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Guen,

I found the experiences shared in this site very handy.

The author himself scored 780 and has shared details of this GRE Preparations and recommended other sources and ebooks too. I wish you luck with your preparations.

Hello everyone,

I am a engg. student in India. I am in 3rd year and preparing for GRE. I am planning to give test in oct and at present I am doing word lists from Barron’s. As you know not much time is left please suggest me the strategy which I should follow and get a good score