success in life comes from taking risks or chance / careful planning

Some people believe that success in life comes from taking risks or chance.However, others believe it results from careful planning. As far as I’m concerned, success in life comes from both taking risks or chance and careful planning.To put it simple, success results from taking risks or chance based on careful planning in advance.

On the one hand. There is an agdge that the opportunity is for people who is prepared.Without careful planning, you may never come across the success chance.Even god bless you with an brilliant one, you may don’t even notice it is an valuable chance that you can take. Most of the time, these chances are not apparent in the life. You must use your intellect and knowledge to dig it out. Otherwise, everyone can reach it without effort,it will not turn out to be any chance.

Let’s step back. Even you are lucky enough to grasp a good chance and to take the risk to go with it. As the repidly development technology and also business operation, things change fast. You are doomed to failure if you have no careful planning of what you are doing. Suppose the GE offer me the position CEO right now, I would not be able to take it,and fulfill my responsibility, not even mention the success.It’s the chance for the people who has already accumulated affluent years of management experiences.

On the other hand, people who have careful planning can’t take risks and chances will have less opportunity to get success.Today, lots of people have recognized the importance of the knowledge and equip themself with all kinds of education, planning and proposal etc. However,Success only belong to the few of all people. Those who are now successful no matter in their career or business in life were those take some risks or chances at their way to success.

In sum, I believe both taking risks or chances and careful planning are imperative for success. If you really want to ask which is more important, I would put careful planning a little bit high priority.

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