subjuntive mood

Dear moderators, I´ve been looking for some data on subjunctive mood. I believe I understood that it is the mood of suggestions, hyphoteses, commands…
So, in these sentences there is a difference in my opinion. Would you mind explaining me a bit?

  • My mother insists on my brother come before 9 at night. (3rd person in the base form without to and “s”)
    -The boss suggested Mr Brown be invited to the meeting ( passive)
    -It is essential to remember that he lives in a foreign country (3rd person with “s”)
    In the 3rd sentence the subjunctive is not like the direct object of the verb, as in the 1st and 2nd sentences (my mother insists what? on my brother come
    the boss suggested what? Mr. Brown be invited)
    In the 3rd sentence the direct object is: It is essential what? to remember

Please, correct me. Am I wrong?
Thanks in advance


The sentences would read:

My mother insists that my brother come … The indicative form is also possible (comes)

The boss suggested Mr Brown be invited … The indicative is also possible (is)

The third sentence isn’t in the subjunctive.

It is worth remembering that the subjunctive forms are slowly dying out. Both ‘insist’ and ‘suggest’ in themselves contain the element of unreality. And of course in the active form the present subjunctive is only noticeable in the third person singular.


Thank you, Alan, so, is it possible to say? I´m trying to see if I´ve understood your explanation. I am an English learner.
I suggest that he buys a car
I demanded that my letter was answered as soon as possible.
I demand my letter is answered as soon as possible.
I´ll go to the party as long as he comes with me.
Would you mind suggesting a webpage where I can learn grammar or vocabulary topics that show the ongoing usage of the moods or words?( Besides english test)
Thanks for your help.