Subject and predicate

Hello, please are these right?
1-Mosf members of our society learn early to recognize the language of advertising: Most members is the subject and of our society…advertising is the predicate.
2-Advertising attempts to alter our behaviors or to motivate us: Adevertising is the subject and attempts…us is the predicate.
3-How often do we succumb to the pressure tactics of such language? so here we is the subject and succumb…language is the predicate.
4-Through the efforts of advertising agencies, many of us purchase things we don’t even want. the effort of advertisising is the subject and many…want is the predicate.
5-Many students-minorities especially- have to confront this dilemma. So students is the subject and have to…dilemma is the predicate.
6-Differents are most often relative.So differents is the subject and are…relative is the predicate.
7-Campuses : (subject) have become much more aware and appreciative of multicultural differences in the past five years: predicate

Your answers in # 1 and 4 are not quite ok.

#1 - members - simple subject
learn - simple predicate

#2 - many - simple subject
purchase - simple predicate

Good luck!