Stylistic advice

Stylistic advice needed. In 1) I’d go for ‘more… could\would come from’;
in 2), ‘has begun’.
Do you agree?

  1. City just went back and back… as Spurs gave them a thorough going over without demonstrating any of the frailties that allowed them back in against Celtic. Guardiola will know there will be more where this came from.
  2. However, the attacking style of football - the half of United’s tradition that some feared Mourinho would fail to deliver - is began to re-emerge in a performance…
  1. No. I would say the sentence is correct as it stands in this case.
    Guardiola will know [i.e. be aware] that there will be more (of this kind of play) where this (current example of play) came from.

  2. A case of the commentator’s mouth moving faster than his brain, ‘has begun’ would be an improvement, but if you remove the clause between the dashes, then it should be clear that depending on what comes after the ellipsis, there may be an even better option:
    … the attacking style of football is beginning to re-emerge …

  1. Did you mean, “From where [=from their frailties] this [=result similar to the current one] came [=was made possible] will be spotted and capitalized on (by the others)”?
  2. Too true except he had enough time to think it over before writing it down.
  1. No. I simply meant what I said. Nothing about frailties or otherwise; nothing about whether it is possible to capitalise on it or otherwise.
  2. In that case, his brain simply wasn’t up to it. :wink:

Well, that was my getting ahead of myself because I knew the context.
Guardiola’s team’s flaws (invincible that far) were exposed by Celtic (a draw). In the next game, the opposition repeated Celtic’s approach and won. Now Guardiola will know there’ll be another performances like that one (when his team was pressed to death all over the pitch) since it proved effective.
“The Premier League is an unforgiving arena - any perceived weaknesses are pounced upon and highlighted.”—was the original follow-up I didn’t reveal.
I seem to understand everything but ‘where this came from’ phrase in the context.
Sorry to be sounding boring. Last try?..

Funniest contradicting phrases:

  1. Clearly misunderstood 2. Exact estimate 3. Small crowd 4. Act naturally 5. Found missing 6. Fully empty 7. Happily married [You can odd one out ] :wink:

more where this came from = more of the same level of play.