study alone or with a group? Please assess my essay. Thanks so much :)

Some student prefer to study alone. Other prefer to study with a group of student. Which do you prefer ? Use specific details and examples to support your answer

Do you like the tranquility when studying alone ? Do you dislike studying with a group of students because of arguments and annoyance ? If you do, I think you should change your habit of study. The benefits of studying with a group really outweigh its disadvantages. I believe that this study method will give you better school performance and higher scores at the end of your course.
To begin with, when studying with other students, we can have an instant assistance when misunderstanding a concept in our lesson. Also, they may help us correct our faults when we have to write an essay on a particular topic. If we study alone, we can hardly find out our mistakes and thus, we can receive low grade. What is more, at the same time, we can help others in the group with their problems. Explaining the lesson for them again enables us to remember the lesson much longer. That is to say, everyone benefits.
Furthermore, when there is a problem assigned by the professors as our homework, working in a group helps find the solutions much faster and more effectively because everyone can contribute their ideas, which may be really creative and useful, to solve the problem. As a result, not only do we attain many ways to solve a particular problem, but also we can save our time and increase the study efficiency. Furthermore, we can comprehend the matter much deeper through the group’s discussion. Likewise, practicing team work when we are students will be really advantageous for us when we begin our career after our graduation. For example, my chemistry teacher always reminds us to study in a group of people. She said she learned a lot from others when studying and working in a group. She was also inspired and encouraged as well as criticized by others, which helped establish her characteristics and contribute to her success now. Thus, my classmates and I, following her guide, seize every opportunity to study in a group after school hour.

All in all, studying in a group of students is really beneficial for us. Although being alone helps us concentrate on studying better, a group of students enables us to comprehend what we have learned much profounder. Simultaneously, we can receive inspiration and courage from others in the group.

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