Students,not teachers should be in control of their own education.

The issue at hand is if the person been in control of student’s education have to be students or teachers and administrators. This issue is important because education is the key to succes for a students. I think that the teachers have to be In control because that’s their job.

Teacher been in control of students education is preferable because teachers know better the material require for a specific level of student . Teachers are trained for that and they know what best a student should know and the appropriate time. Because of this I think that the fact that teachers should be responsible of students education is right.

Additionally , I think its better for teachers to take control on students education because they are better organize . They better know the topics and also know better how to organize them for the students to follow it up in an orderly way. Base on this , the fact that teachers should take control on students education is superior that the fact that student should be responsible of their own education.

Finally , teachers controlling students education is a better option because teachers have better technics and they have better ways and secrets for the students to study in an easy way. if all this is left in the student’s hand , they will be limited in what they want or what they know , but , teachers been elderly people know much more better about how to be educated. Due on this I like more the fact that teachers should be the one leading and controlling the students in their education.

In conclusion I feel that teachers leading the students in their education is correct .I believe this because teachers are call teachers because they have to teach and make students to know more and to be well educated.

hey everyone! i wrote this in 30 min and will like to be scored by you all. please feel free to correct and make your comments.