Stop learning for grades because grades are stopping you from learning

Here is why we need to change our education system:

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Torsten, evaluation or assessment does demand some grading, doesn’t it?

Can we, therefore, have an education system sans ‘merit grade’?

Though existentialism is more acceptable than perennialism, how can we differentiate between one performing better than the other?

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The current assessment system is based on mindless memorization of facts without encouraging children’s natural thirst for knowledge. The qualities that actually make us human are virtually not developed in the process. Meanwhile, there are artificial intelligence systems that can memorize and process an unlimited number of facts.

These systems can even write essays and newspaper articles better and faster than any human. Artificial intelligence can also analyze and translate texts, solve mathematical tasks, do accounting, plan logistics, etc. much faster. Our school system and grading was already outdated many decades ago. With the exponential development of AI and other technologies, classical school is becoming less and less important.

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I am afraid, in that case, the AI will outnumber humans. :thinking: