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I read the sentence in the book, “It’s never fun when you lose to have your competitor rub it in your face.”
What does "rub it in your face’ mean?

It means to remind someone of something unpleasant.

It usually is in the situation that something humiliating has happened to someone (i.e. as in your example, losing at something), and then the other person or someone else will mock you for it.

“…rub your face in it” is the more common word order, but the meaning is the same.

Is "rub it in your face " an idiom? Or it has special meaning.
In the sentence what does “it” refer to?

I think here in the states, “rub it in your face” is the more common term. In either case, it is an idiom or figurative language, there is no actual “it” being rubbed in your face - unless you are in some type of wrestling match I suppose.

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I’ve also heard of “to rub it in”.
Is it common too? (I presume it means the same thing as “rub it in your face”)



Yes, it is in common use and is used in a lighthearted way. Take this situation - Everyone know that you have recently been caught speeding by the police. You are giving a lift to a friend and as soon as he is in your car he says: Now remember, not too fast! You reply: All right, there no need to rub it in.


I see,
Thank you Alan!