Stereotypes of Russia

Hello everyone)![/i]
We are doing a project and we need your help!)
Please write three words that first come to your mind when you hear about Russia.
If it is possible write something unusual)
Thank you in advance!)

Hi Svetaenglish,

How about these?

Magnitsky, oil, a bear.

Communism, boastfulness, bribery.

Dostoyevsky, caviar, oligarchy :slight_smile:

Greed, furry hats, vodka. :slight_smile:

Yep… a cranky one, too! :slight_smile:

ballet, vodka and steppes.

Oh, no… You don’t seem to like my country very much. ((

I remember working with exchange students from the US. After a few days in Moscow they told my students: “You must be proud if your country”.

In fact, I thought, some of the stereotypes had worn out.

Good luck with the project!

I shouldn’t worry too much, Cts.

I suspect that people will always jump on the stereotypical things first if asked to ‘name the first thing you think of when you hear about xxx.’

My say is “cold,vast,hospitable”
Vast- because of the truly enormous territory comparing with other countries in the world and may be unconsciously to justify bad running of the country by our government
Cold-both literally and metaphorically- cold metaphorically in a way that it seems so far for all foreigners,that Russian people are very cold,never smile/the stereotype that I’ve heard so many times from foreigners/
Hospitable-to oppose the previous two definitions in order to emphasize the controversy of our country.Indeed.the moment you get to know Russian people you realize how hospitable they are.

I don’t think I should, Beeesneees. I won’t.))

Firstly a nice long Yeltsin Stupor(bumbling idiot decoy) during massive asset stripping oligarchy(Wall street cronies) before the numbing Putin Hangover and a game of - “were did all those Billionaires come from”?

Never has Russia been stronger and more powerful than now. We are rising to the top and Russians are already living everything. Soon Russia will be dominating the world and every will need to learn Russian as their first language. The Russian stereotypes of the past are already forgotten because today and tomorrow Russia equals strenght and world leadership.

He’s been drinking Vladimar Vodka from Varington :slight_smile:

To WhiteRussian
What country are you living in ?..The country of your wild dreams ??? Your picture of modern Russia is far from reality.

Or was it Warrington?

All joke on the Side I remember traveling across Europe while reading a big White Book about Siberia - and was totally amazed at how massive and diverse it was. Beaches deserts Tigers…etc Very much the rich untapped source yet once you read its history a rather spiritual one too.
Certainly a place I would like to visit (albeit in the Summer :-))

Wake up you slaves of commerce and corruption! The Americans have been dominating the world since world war II but now the US is on its decline. Who do you think will take over the world leadership? It cannot be China because the Chinese are cowards. The Russians are fearless but won’t go to extremes like the Germans who are easily led into totaliarism by mentally ill freaks like Hitler or Goebbles.

We could drench Europe in crude oil and ignite it but we won’t because we are not skick like the Germans.

Boris Yeltzin made GW Bush look intellectual… :slight_smile:

Who cares what Boris Yeltzin did? I’m talking about the future not the past.

But there is no future without the past and the past always has its impact on the future ,let alone the present…

Devils advocate could say “Who cares what America did or does”?(In the past)

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