Statement of purpose: J.F. Kennedy in his book Profiles in Courage praises John

Could someone take a look at my Sop:

Statement of Purpose (400 – 500 words): Part 1:“State your reasons for applying to the Institute, and what you would gain personally, professionally and academically by attending.” Part 2: “Describe the type of internship that is a good fit for your skills, interests and experiences, and why you are qualified for such a placement. Please be as specific as possible.”

Q1: Am I being specific about the kind of internship I would like to do?
Q2: What do you think about the introduction?
Q3: Do I explain why Capital Semester would be a unique experience.
Q4: Do you see what is my motivation to participate ?

Statement of Purpose

J.F. Kennedy in his book Profiles in Courage praises John Quincy Adams who said; If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader. I believe that by committing myself to international education, hard work and new experiences, I am acting as a leader since by setting an example I will inspire my Croatian colleagues to so the same. This is why I would like to take part in the spring Capital Semester Public Policy track.

Climate change will become one of the greatest challenges policy makers will face in the 21st century since it will affect the basic elements of life for people around the world, including Croatia. Therefore, my long term goal is to enroll in a top Master of Public Policy program where I would concentrate on environmental policy. Interning in an institution in Washington DC, that deals with climate change from a policy perspective would substantially contribute to reaching my goal. Moreover, Georgetown University is one of my top choices for graduate school. Therefore, by studying there this spring I would meet the faculty and current students and gain valuable information that could help me during admission. Academically, the courses “Economics and Public Policy Issues” and “Theories of Constitutional Interpretation” would benefit me in my future studies since till now I mainly studied the society in an economics framework. Furthermore, Capital Semester would be a great challenge since I never worked or lived away from home for such a long time and it would be an opportunity to develop myself into a stronger and more confident person.

Moreover, by interning in Washington DC this spring I would be part of the environmental policy making that will take place after the Copenhagen meeting. Specifically, I would like to concentrate on energy policy since fossil fuel burning is considered to be the main catalyst for climate change. Therefore, an internship in the American Council on Renewable Energy (ACORE) would fit my interests perfectly, as well as my past experiences. Namely, while writing a conference paper on ecological economics and climate change; I gained thorough knowledge of the topic. Apart from that, at ACORE I could further develop my research proposal for graduate school, which assesses the positive and negative externalities of adopting renewable energy in Croatia and gives policy recommendations. However, I am also interested in other aspects of climate change which is why an internship in the Climate Institute would be beneficial as well. The above mentioned intern positions would fit me because they both require organizational and people skills, which I gained trough years of working as a ski instructor, student assistant and most recently organizing a case study competition at my college. Moreover, my background in economics and research skills allows me to assess public policy in an empirical manner. However, I would not like to limit myself to the above mentioned internships as working in any other institution dealing with climate change from a policy perspective would be a rewarding experience. Therefore, doing a full time internship which would engage me intellectually but also require from me to attend or organize events where I could network and gain an insight into the reality of environmental policy making, would benefit me in every aspect.

The Capital Semester Public Policy track fits perfectly my interests since I would learn the complex nature and challenges of environmental public policy careers. This would enable me to make a more informed decision about the path of my professional development. Above all, attending Capital Semester would stand as a personal conviction that I can face any challenge and it would give me the courage to continue chasing my dreams. I am certain that living in a stimulating environment such as Washington DC, would bring out the best in me.