STAR TREK. The new movie.

I’ve just sat through two hours of mind-numbing rubbish.

Just where they got those fantastic reviews from escapes me.

Any normal TV episode of Star Trek would have been more interesting to watch.

Just a load of noise and a complete waste of time.

They may have spent many millions in the making of this, but it could have been done so much better.

Hah, haven’t seen it yet, but sometimes, producers just don’t know when to let a franchise die and rest in peace.

Consider the last Indiana Jones movie. C’mon, Indy and aliens?

Mr. Producer: Just stop while it’s good, please, lest you ruin the whole franchise for me with one last, bad flick. :roll:

Good morning Skrej, hope I haven’t spoiled it for you. I think I’ve seen every episode from every series since the very start of Star Trek, and for me this is a very poor effort. I really was dying to see it, but such a disappointment. Kept watching in the hope that it would get better, but it never did. Maybe it might be much better in the cinema, but somehow I don’t think so.

ps. There’s a decent tale unfolding on the " Tell me a story " thread. Why not join in?

Does McCoy say, “Damn it, Jim!” or “Damn it, Spock!”?

Does Spock say, “That would be illogical,”?

Is there anything like this:

Kirk: Scotty, I need… those… dilithium crystals… now.
Scotty: I’m doing the best I can, Captain, but she’s going to take time!
Kirk: Scotty, how long… will… it take? We’re about to be… attacked… by seventeen… Klingon birds of prey.
Scotty: I need twelve hours, maybe longer if I run out of Scotch!
Kirk: Scotty, listentome: I… need full power… within two minutes.
Scotty: (nearly sobbing) I’ll do the best I can with her, Captain, but ye best prepare for the worst! I can’t get water from a stone!

Prez :slight_smile: , if that had been part of the script then at least the film would have been funny. This film is a complete flop in my opinion, but many are raving about it.

Think it’s a case of becoming a victim of its own publicity.

No, it was always "Damn it Jim, I’m a doctor, not a _____(insert profession of person who provides/manufactures/mines/designs/makes whatever Kirk happens to need at the moment)


“Bones… why don’t you… put on… that… bunny outfit.”

“Damn it, Jim, I’m a doctor, not a cabaret dancer!”

“During the 20th and 21st centuries in the United States and much of the rest of the Western World, there was a holiday during which it was customary to wear costumes. I believe the archaic phrase was “dressing up for Halloween”. It would not be illogical for you to wear the suit, Dr. McCoy, given your ancestors’ tradition.”

“Damn it, Spock, only someone without a soul could see any logic in a middle-aged man wearing that thing!”

“Bones, put on the suit. That’s… an order. Misterspock, did you pick up… my outfit from the… dry cleaners?”

“Yes, Captain. The manager seemed to be of the opinion that you will make a great Dread Pirate Roberts. The cutlass appeared to be a bit dull, however, so I sharpened it to authenticate the disguise.”

“Dear God, Jim, he’s crazy! Leave it to that pointy-eared half-breed to kill us all!”

“Don’t worry, Bones, there… will be… noswingingof THAT cutlass… tonight.”

“Out to woo the fairer sex, are ye, Captain?”

“Scotty, how much power do we have?”

“Enough to last a right long time, Captain. Maybe enough to go a few trillion miles.”

"Gentlemen… and Uhura… we’re not going… to the party… on Hector 7. Checkov, set a course… for Earth. Make it warp five – we’re in a hurry… to get to… a party.

“Aye, Cap-tayne.”

“Captain, I believe the term was “trick-or-treating”. When I said that human ancestors dressed up, naturally I meant to imply that they did so, at least primarily, as children.”

“Shut your trap, Spock! Going back home… what a party it’ll be!”

“If I may, Captain, there is one other concern: we have only enough power to get within 100,000 miles of Earth, given the warp factor and bearings indicated.”

“Then, Misterspock, we’ll just have to… float… into… transporter range. Scotty, get me… some of that… Scotch. Off we go into the… wild… black… yonder.”

I want to tell a joke which only Westerners will be able to appreciate.

A woman asks, " Will I get a shock if I put my foot on that electric rail young man ?"

" Only if you can cock your other leg over that wire up there," says the young man in reply.